Commercial and industrial properties require a lot of power and equipment to run. If one part of the electrical system fails, it can cause entire areas to shut down. When things shut down, it can cause the company to lose money; because of this, most companies have an electrical contractor on-call to ensure they have fast service in the event an electrical component is damaged. A commercial electrical contractor needs to have a greater knowledge of the ever-changing technology that comes with most business settings.

Commercial Electrical Contractor Specialties

Commercial electricians have a unique skill set that allows them to troubleshoot and repair advanced equipment in order to keep companies up and operating. They also do new business wiring and upgrades. Below are some of the specialties an electrical contractor is skilled in.

  • New Construction Wiring and Setup
  • Remodeling
  • Exit Lighting Repairs and Installation
  • Ballast Light Bulb Changes
  • Troubleshooting of All Electrical Equipment
  • Emergency Generator Installations
  • Landscape Lighting
  • 24/7 Emergency Service Calls
  • Request To Remedy

From the initial electrical setup of your building to upgraded fuse boxes and wiring, we do it all. Our team is also a vital part of remodels, as we can add outlets, lighting, and many more electrical components. If you maintain a commercial or industrial property, it is necessary to have a quality electrician. Without one, you could be left in the dark as you try to remedy the electrical problems. Big City Electric provides a myriad of valuable electrical needs for your property with the option of flexible hours to ensure your business never has to stop, meaning you never stop making money! Our team will ensure your problems come first and aren’t just an afterthought. We understand how hard businesses work, and our number one job is to keep them up and running for you and your clients.