Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular as people become more concerned about the environment. Electric vehicles are considered green and are better for the environment than diesel or gas-powered cars. With more people using electric vehicles, we are seeing charging stations popping up all over, but what about home charging?

Each electric vehicle comes with its own EV charger. This charger will charge your car to full over many hours. If you plug your vehicle in when you get home from work, it should be ready to go by morning. While this charger works well, there are other options out there. EV chargers come in different voltages that allow for faster charging. You can fully charge your car within a couple of hours compared to 8 to 10 hrs.

Big City Electric provides EV charger installation on your property. Our chargers are considered fast charge systems and will work a lot quicker than the standard electric vehicle charger your car came with. The EV chargers we install are powerful, and special wires must be run to ensure your EV charger has the proper voltage to charge your vehicle. Our team of electrical contractors is well versed in EV chargers and will ensure you have the appropriate option for your individual needs.

While many continue to use the original charger, we see more people wanting a faster, more efficient charge for their vehicle. Without installation, you will not need to worry if your car is charged when you are ready to leave. We also provide EV charger repairs for all types. If you have wanted a faster charge, let Big City Electric assist you in finding the perfect EV charger for your wants and needs, all at an affordable price.