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EV Charger Installation

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EV Chargers

Electric Vehicle Chargers are a vital part of owning an electric vehicle. It makes charging your electric vehicle at home a breeze. Big City Electric also provides electric vehicle charger installation for businesses. Our certified and licensed electricians offer EV charger installation and repairs for all of Columbus, OH. If you need charging solutions for your electric vehicle, we have the right fit for your needs. Below we will discuss installation, repairs, and the “green effect” electric vehicles have on our environment!

Why Choose an Electric Vehicle?

Electric vehicles are more popular than you may realize. Many have switched to electric cars because of the reduction of emissions and the fact you save a ton on fuel costs. Electric vehicles can easily be plugged in when you arrive home, and be ready to go when you wake, meaning you will never need to make an early morning fuel stop again! Electric vehicles are “green,” meaning they help the environment. They not only reduce the use of fuel but also help with climate change by improving smog and reducing ecological damages. Big City Electric provides EV charger installation and repair to all of Columbus and the surrounding areas of Ohio. If you are looking to help the environment and save
yourself money, consider an electric vehicle and an electric vehicle charger for your home or workplace.

EV Charger Installation and Repair

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular, and the need for charging solutions is at an all-time high.
Luckily, Big City Electric has Columbus, OH, and the neighboring areas EV charger needs covered. Level 2
chargers are the best EV chargers on the market. A certified electrician must professionally install these
chargers, but level 2 chargers charge up to five times faster. Level 2 chargers are perfect for individuals
who travel long distances, do not have a lot of time to wait for their cars to charge, or do not have
access to an EV charger in the workplace. Level 2 chargers are a perfect addition to your workplace, as
many people have begun to drive electric vehicles because of the many benefits. Big City Electric not
only provides expert installation services for your EV Charger, but we offer repairs for all types of EV
chargers. If you are looking to buy an electric vehicle, already have one, or want to add electric vehicle
chargers to your residence or workplace, give us a call today! Our team will be happy to answer any
questions you may have.

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