Electric vehicles have surpassed the competition and now represent the next generation of vehicles. They are not only great for the environment, but they save you money on needing to fill your tank up with gas. If you have taken the leap into the electric vehicle world, you realize that you must charge your electric vehicle. Many workplaces and charging stations are located throughout the area, but the easiest and best way to charge your electric vehicle is with a residential EV charger. Big City Electric installs EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) for residential electric vehicle charging.

EV Chargers

Electric vehicles come with a standard charger, which is considered a level 1 charger. This charger is a normal three-prong that can plug into any regular outlet. These chargers take a long time to charge, sometimes over 20 hours to charge your battery to full. While this option is great for some, most people want a more powerful charger for their electric vehicles.

Level 2 Chargers

Level 2 chargers require a professional for installation, as it will have its own circuit. Level 2 chargers are lighting fast and can quickly charge your car battery in 3 hours. A level 2 charger can make your life a lot easier and less stressful. This is especially important if your workplace or area does not have a lot of electric vehicle charger options.

Level 2 chargers are perfect for those who need faster charging times, live in areas where there are not a lot of charging station options or drive a lot for their jobs. If you want a faster and better charging experience for your electric vehicle, Big City Electric has the proper EV charger for your needs! Give us a call today for all your EV charger and electrical needs!