Hiring the right electrician for your home or business needs can be stressful. How do you find the right electrician for your individual needs? Big City Electric has information to help you find the perfect electrician for all your electrical and mechanical service needs.

Certified and Insured

When searching for an electrician, they must be certified and insured. You always want an electrician who knows what they are doing. Looking at reviews is also a great way to find the right electrician. When it comes to the electric and mechanical components in your home or business, you always want the most qualified person for the job. Before settling on an electrician, check reviews, give them a call, and always make sure they are certified and insured.

Emergency Services

A lot of electrician companies do not provide emergency services. When choosing an electrician, you want to ensure they offer emergency services. This is crucial in the event your home or business requires electrical services overnight or over a weekend. Businesses cannot afford to wait for hours or days for an electrician. No one wants to lose money. As a homeowner, you never want your family to be left in the dark. Big City Electric provides 24/7 emergency services to both residential and businesses for the Columbus, OH, and surrounding areas.

Types of Services

The electrician company you choose should offer a wide range of electrical and mechanical services. From essential electrical services to industrial electrical contractors, Big City Electric does it all. Below are some of the services our certified and insured electricians have:
• New Construction Services
• Wiring
• Landscape and Exit Lighting
• Emergency Generator Installation and Repairs
• Electrical Upgrades
• Electric Vehicle Charger Installation and Repair
• Circuit Breaker Upgrades, Installation, and Repairs
• Smart App Integration
• Electrical Repairs
• Remodels
• Troubleshooting
• Emergency Services

Above are some of the more common electrical and mechanical services we provide. If you are looking for a knowledgeable electrician, always ensure they are certified and insured. It is important to check reviews before hiring any electrician. If you have any questions, give us a call. Our team is always available for questions or to schedule a service call!