Ceiling fans and paddle fans are an integral part of your home or business. Ceiling fans not only help to cool your property, but they also provide lighting and are space-saving. Ceiling fans have a higher energy efficiency than stand-alone fans and are very quiet. If you are considering a ceiling fan or need to have one replaced, Big City Electric is the right choice for you. We not only install new ceiling and paddle fans but can install in areas without an existing ceiling fan, with or without lighting.

New Area Ceiling Fan Installation

Installing ceiling fans in most rooms of your property is a wise choice. They not only serve as a light source, but they can lower the temperatures in your home without the loud roar of a standard fan. This can save you a lot of money on your electric bill! New ceiling fan installation requires running electrical wires and installing the fan and lighting. A certified and licensed electrician should only do ceiling and paddle fan installation. Running live wires and creating new electrical areas is a large job that requires knowledge of electricity.

Existing Ceiling Fan Installation

If you have an existing fan and would like to install a newer model, Big City Electric is here for you. Our team can easily remove your older ceiling or paddle fan and install your new one. If your older fan did not have a light fixture and you would like one, our team can run the wires to install a ceiling fan with lighting.

Big City Electric is well versed in all things electric and can install ceiling fans, electrical vehicle chargers, new wiring, and fuse to your property. For more information, give us a call or check out our other blogs for all things electric!