With exterior home lighting, your design options are endless. You can light up your driveway, front porch, and backyard in various ways to enhance the entire look and feel of your home. So whether you’re looking to add curb appeal or make your Columbus, OH, home safer and more secure at night, read on for some inspiration!

A custom electrician can help you select the right fixtures for your desired look. These experts will understand the variety of exterior lighting available and how to install them for maximum safety and aesthetic appeal.

Unique Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Bring Your Home to Life

Outdoor lighting can be used for both aesthetic and practical purposes. It can add a welcoming glow to an entryway, provide additional security around the perimeter of your home, or highlight outdoor features you’d like to draw attention to.

1) Accent Lighting

This is great for creating drama or adding interest to your outdoor space. Use it to showcase unique architectural features like a trellis or archway or brighten up an area where you’d like to relax with friends and family. Try positioning wall lights alongside pathways to light up walkways and create a soft, inviting atmosphere.

2) Path Lighting

By installing a few path lights along the walkways to your front door, you’ll add an extra touch of safety and security to your home. You can also opt for solar-powered path lighting to create a soft glow throughout the night.

3) Spotlights

Patio and deck lighting with spotlights can give you the best of both worlds. You can create beautiful accents with low-level lighting and add a dramatic flair to areas with higher light levels. Spotlighting can highlight your home’s architectural features or trees and plants in your landscape. You can even use it to light up an outdoor feature like a fountain or sculpture. Spotlighting is excellent for setting the mood of your outdoor area and can be used in combination with other types of lighting, such as wall sconces and floodlights.

4) Lanterns

Outdoor lanterns and post lights are a timeless addition to any home’s exterior. Lanterns typically have globes made of glass or plastic and can be powered by either electricity or candles. They provide a warm and inviting look that will enhance the look of your home’s exterior. Post-mounted lights can also provide a warm glow and make navigating your property at night easier.

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