Building a new property or adding on to your existing property can be a huge undertaking. Hiring the proper contractors is important. One contractor you want to make sure is the right fit is your electrical contractor. Your electrician will be handling the entire wiring, light installation, outlets, switches, and wired devices. Trusting your electrician is important, and you should make sure they are licensed and certified with great reviews, as any mishaps could cause a fire or other injury on your property.

Safety Is Key

In the wrong hands, electricity is dangerous. Hiring an electrical contractor for your next build is crucial. They are the ones who will safely install your wires, breaker box, and other items. An adequately vetted electrician is the best choice for the safety of everyone on the property.

Hidden Wires

An electrical contractor can hide unsightly wires for you. Hiding TV and other wires are part of electricians everyday life. They can easily ensure all wires that you want hidden are tucked away safely.

Floor and Cabinet Outlets

Installing outlets is a basic part of building a property, but with an experienced electrical contractor, you can go above and beyond. They can install outlets strategically on the floor and in cabinet drawers. This can make your life a lot easier.

Smart Home Technology Wiring

Most people want smart home technology in their homes. While some are plug and play, others work better when they are wired. An electrical contractor can run the wires for your smart home technology and make sure it is safe and ready to use!

Big City Electric provides top-of-the-line electrical contractor services. We are well versed in smart home technology, EV charger installations, and all electrical services needed for your next build.