Older homes that have been remodeled usually never upgrade their electrical panels. This is not only dangerous, but it can cause many problems for homeowners. As new technology allows for different services, smart homes, and apps, your older electrical panel can struggle, rendering it almost useless. Luckily, Big City Electric has all your electrical panel and service upgrade needs covered. Below we will discuss the importance of electrical panel and service upgrades so that you can make a more educated decision about your home’s electrical systems.

Older electrical panels have been known to catch on fire from too much power being run to the panel. This is very risky for you and your family. If you do not have an updated electrical panel, now is the time to talk to a certified electrician about upgrades. Below are some reasons you need to have your electrical panel upgraded:

• If your lights flicker when you use your vacuum cleaner or other appliance
• If your circuit breaker frequently flips or your fuses blow
• If you use extension cords because you do not have enough in-home outlets
• If you have recently installed a new air conditioner, heater, large appliance, or EV Charger
• If you have a lot of 2 pronged outlets
• You have built on to other areas of your property

If any of the above has occurred in your home, it is time for an electrical panel and service upgrade. Big City Electric can create a new and improved electrical panel that is safe for your home and the amount of power you use. If you have recently bought an electric vehicle, our team can also upgrade to install an electric vehicle charger for your convenience. We are also able to add outlets to areas where you want and need them. You will not have to use several extension cords to power your items. A new electrical panel upgrade can ensure your home is safe and that the quality of energy in your home is correct!