The holidays are upon us, and many have started putting out decorations and lighting on the interior and exterior of their properties. Everyone enjoys the beautiful lights, but holiday lighting can cause overloads to your circuit breaker, and if your circuit breaker is not functioning correctly, a fire could occur. At Big City Electric, we want the best for you and your electrical needs. Below, we will discuss ways to prevent overloads and fires from occurring with the extra strain of holiday lighting.

New Circuit Installation

Holiday lighting can significantly strain your circuits, especially if you love elegant lighting. If you have noticed that your breaker is tripping, it may be time for new circuits to be installed. Hiring an electrician to install new circuits ensures you will not trip any breakers, and there will be no electrical fires. New circuits can be installed to withstand the amount of electricity needed for your beautiful Christmas lights.

New Breaker Boxes and Wiring

In some cases, you may have an older fuse box and wiring. If so, this may be the perfect time for an upgrade. Upgrading your breaker and wiring is not only energy efficient it is also safer. Older breaker boxes and wiring are at a higher risk of catching fire. Having a certified electrician install new breaker boxes, circuits, and wiring will ensure your property has the power to withstand all your electrical devices and lighting.

If you have any electrical issues after installing your holiday lighting, contact a local electrician as soon as possible. Older wiring, shorts, and overloaded circuits are dangerous for everyone. People are injured every year because of these issues. If you are unsure if you have enough power for your holiday lighting, have an electrician check for you! They will be able to let you know if your home is safe or if you need to make any upgrades to your electrical system.